Knowing your stuff is not enough!

Today’s business professional can not afford to rely solely on technical expertise in their field of choice to achieve their full potential. In order to truly thrive and survive they need to be constantly connecting with prospective clients,  employees and strategic partners. In short, they need to be able to Schmooze like a Pro

Who is this for?

  • Business owners who need to leverage their limited networking time more effectively to drive new client acquisition, connect with potential investors or build strategic relationships
  • Accountants, lawyers, financial planners and other service professionals who are more comfortable with the technical aspects of their work than with the process of connecting with new clients
  • Sales & business development professionals who spend a lot of time at networking events or hobnobbing with potential clients socially who want a more consistent system for converting conversations into sales opportunities

Social Fluency Consulting empowers clients to take the stress out of face to face networking and consistently create authentic personal connections as they schmooze their way to engaging more qualified prospects, developing strategic relationships and driving business growth