By combining a clear repeatable process with hands on skills training, a comprehensive online training library and real time 1:1 ‘in field’ coaching, participants will not only understand to how to network more effectively, they will actually have the skills to find more clients with less stress via face to face networking:

  • Effortlessly initiate the right conversations with the right people in business and social settings
  • Move beyond ‘small talk’ to quickly establish powerful personal connections
  • Consistently attract and engage more & better qualified prospects
  • Effectively communicate your value without coming across as that pushy salesman
  • Leverage your time by focusing your follow up where it will generate the best results

Master the ‘Inner Game of Networking’

Yes you will learn all the theory your need to know about social science, planning for success, business development systems, and best practices. More importantly however, you will obliterate the bottlenecks that prevent most professionals from actually implementing the theory:

  • Approach Anxiety: Understand how & why our ‘lizard brain’ tricks us into feeling like we are in danger and most importantly: what to do about it
  • Authentic Presence: Liberate yourself from the tyranny of trying to impress people, start speaking your truth and in the process make people feel they can safely open up to you
  • Conscious Connection: Make a habit of showing people that you genuinely see, hear and understand them
  • Conversational Agility: Maintain an engaging conversation, elegantly steer it towards a certain topic or tactfully bring it to a close
  • Stop pitching and start storytelling: Nobody wants to hear your sales pitch (or technical lecture) but everyone loves a good story. Communicate your value in ways that people want to hear and can relate to
  • Alpha Mindset: Stop passively reacting to your social environment and actively take charge of the situation by mastering your own state of mind